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Welding Technology and NDT Research/Application Centre of Middle East Technical University (METU) is founded in 1988 within the frame of a bilateral project between Turkey and Germany.

The Centre is located at the Middle East Technical University (METU) campus, and is directly administered by to the Office of the President.

The NDT section of this Centre has been continuing its activities on ultrasonics, industrial radiography, magnetic particle and penetrant testing, including training of NDT experts for industry, and research studies for material characterization and solving industrial problems.

BAM-Berlin, DGZfP, and SLV München have actively contributed to the establishment of the Centre between 1988 and 1996 (providing training, and sending short- and long-term experts).

The testing laboratories of the Centre were accredited by DAP-Germany according to EN 45001, and today these laboratories are working in accordance with ISO 17025.

All staff and organizational units work based on the quality policy of the Centre.

METU-Center and DGZfP (German NDT Society) have played a very important role in the training of NDT experts and extension of utilization of NDT techniques in Turkish industry.

Starting from 1988 more than 140 courses (4 methods, 2 levels) have been organized and run where more than 1600 persons have attended these training courses. Following the changes in the training and certification system in EU, NDT-Personnel Certification Center was founded, and then, accredited according to EN ISO 17024 by Turkish Accreditation Council (TURKAK) in 2004.

Field of Activities

The field of activities includes:

  • performing basic, and applied projects, involving the activities on these fields,
  • cooperating with national and international institutions in this field,
  • forwarding the information, technology, method and results gathered through developments to the industry,
  • organising training programs for qualification and certification, and producing specialists in these fields,
  • organising conferences, and scientific meetings on this field, and make publications.