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2017 Determination of Residual Stress State in SAE/AISI 8620 Carburized Steel by Non-Destructive Testing Methods, Tuğçe Kaleli
2017 Non-Destructive Monitoring of the Variations in Microstructure and Residual Stress in Carburized Steels, Hüseyin Hızlı
2015 Investigating the Reliability of Ultrasound Phased Array Method and Conventional Ultrasonic Testing for Detection of Defects in Austenitic Stainless Steels, Bahadır Akgün
2014 Comparison of the Flaw Detection Abilities of Phased-Array and Conventional Ultrasonic Testing Methods in Various Steels, Murat Yalçın
2013 Investigating the Effect of Deformation and Annealing Texture on Magnetic Anisotropy in Low-C Steel Sheets by Magnetic Barkhausen Noise, F. Ümit Akçaoğlu
2012 Non-Destructive Evaluation of Residual Stresses in the Multi-Pass Steel Weldments, Gökhan Erian


Monitoring Variation of Surface Residual Stresses in the Shot-Peened Steel Components by Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Method, Serdar Savaş
Experimental Investigation of Residual Stresses Introduced via Shot Peening and Their Effect on Fatigue Life of Ball Bearings


Determination of Residual Stress State in Steel Weldments
Characterization of Ultra-Fine Grained Steel Samples Produced by High Pressure Torsion via Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Analysis
2006 Characterization of Steel Microstructures by Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Analysis, Kemal Davut
Estimation of Heights of Surface Breaking Cracks Using Ultrasonic Timing Methods
Characterization of Steel Microstructures by Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Analysis
Characterization of Dual Phase Steels by Using Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Analysis
Microstructural Characterization of Hypoeutectoid Steels Quenched from the Ae1-Ae3 Intercritical Temperature Range by Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Technique
Effect of Surface Roughness on Ultrasonic Testing
Determination of Relationship Between Weld Quality and Mechanical Strength of Different Steels
Computerized Test Procedure for Industrial Radiographic Examination of Metallic Welded Joints
Effect of Spheroidizing on Machinability Characteristics and Microstructure of Medium-C Steels
Effect of Solid Couplants Made of Hydrophilic Polymers in Ultrasonic Testing
Detection and Monitoring of Surface-Breaking Fatigue Cracks in Al 2024-T3 by Ultrasonic Methods

Correlation between Ultrasonic Properties and Heat Treatment Conditions for Some Steels

Investigation of the Effect of Titania Additions on the Strength and Elastic Modulus of a Mica Glass Ceramic by Bending Test and Ultrasonic Velocity Measurements
Computer Modelling for Propagation of Ultrasonic Waves in Solid Polycrystalline Structures
ND Investigation of Age Hardening of Al-alloys by Sound Velocity and Conductivity Measurements
Microstructural Characterization of Isothermally Heat Treated Steels by Ultrasonics
The Effect of Microstructure and Hardness on Acoustic Properties of Hypoeutectoid Plain-C Steels
Determination of Microstructural Properties of PM Al-SiC Composites by Ultrasonic Techniques
Determination of Graphite Morphology, Nodularity and Matrix in Nodular Cast Irons by Ultrasonic Techniques